Landlord Certificate

Make Sure Your Tenants are Gas Safe

If you are a landlord and you rent out a property that has gas appliances, you must by law have a Gas Safe Registered engineer to carry out a gas safety landlord certificate.

The gas safety checks have to be carried out every 12 months and you must provide a copy of the landlord certificate to your tenant within 28 days of the gas safety checks being completed. For new tenants, you have to provide the gas safety landlord certificate before they move in. You are required to keep copies of your landlord certificates for 2 years.

You should make sure that the gas engineer you use is qualified to carry out the gas safety landlord checks. The engineer must be qualified to work on all the gas appliances that you have in your property and be on the Gas Safe Register.

You should ask to see the gas engineer’s Gas Safe Id card. You need to check that the card is not out of date and then check the back of the card where there will be a list of the gas appliances that the engineer is registered to work on.

For Your Convenience

I carry out landlord certificates and then keep your information on our database and send you a reminder when the next one is due. My costs for a landlord certificate are £50 (boiler and cooker) and £75 (boiler, fire and cooker).

I can contact your tenant and arrange a convenient time to call out and carry out the landlord certificate and then send you a copy of your gas safety landlord certificate.

Gas Safety Landlord Certificate for LPG Gas

If you have LPG gas appliances in your property, you should check that the gas engineer is qualified to work on them. Gas engineers have to take a separate exam to qualify to work with LPG gas.